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Mobile wallet with QR and accesibility to Exchange


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Hello everyone

What is the next step of Ripple with new best in the industry mobile wallet for customers?

preferred with access to bitstamp like at Rippex. Which using QR code address scanning. Sending and receiving XRP (USD,EUR,BTC) by using Bluethooth between to mobile phones.

With backup cold wallet file.

It is possible make with 3dr party?

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From time to time I find myself wanting to pay or receive payments from friends (who also have cryptos), but a painless method (wallet) simply doesn't exist. 

In the U.S. everyone seems to use Venmo (a PayPal product) for P2P payments, which has a great UI and UX and takes a lot of the pain out of digital p2p payments, but I doubt they add crypto any time soon.


I think the lack of a clear and profitable business model is holding developers back from making a killer wallet app. I hope this changes soon! 


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