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iPhone 7 256GB, SIM Free, Jet BK,(SOLD)


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Not sure if this works here but it did say "MarketPlace."  I have an iPhone 7, 256GB Jet Black for sale on eBay right now and will take XRP in place of Euros. $650 worth will get you free insured shipping to US, CAN. Free Shipping to APO. I will also include the original invoice for the Warranty. It was purchased direct from Apple. If you guys are interested and if this is allowed to be here, then feel free to ask questions. Would be cool to demonstrate the value of XRP.

No Scratches, never dropped. Has lived with a Tempered Glass and a Kevlar Case it's whole life. SIM Free or not SIM locked. Included is original box, accessories, 1 extra Tempered Glass Protector and the Mous Limited Case that you see here. Price is not really negotiable......

I did notice that Prices are much cheaper in the US so I am changing the price to match the advertised area. Sorry for the mismatch, terms are a little different in the EU.

I guess I should mention a few rules here:  Shipping with tracking will occur once the transaction is verified of course. I will even post the address here so that all can follow. That's kinda neat. I will also post the tracking number. Guess that is about as safe as you can get. If you think of anything else, let me know.











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21 minutes ago, Dennis said:

Although I love the idea, I personally wouldn't pay even half that for an iPhone 7, unless there is something I don't know about "black diamond" iPhones.

With the 8 coming out (speculated) this fall, I'd pay around 500-750 XRP tops.  But that's just me :P 

Oh yes you were right. For the US and CAN that price is waaaay too high. In the EU it sells for €900 brand new. In the US it is $849 New. Thanks for mentioning that.

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