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What coin for long-term investment beside XRP ?

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On 7/24/2017 at 11:21 PM, teddybear said:

Any opinions about Verge (XVG)?

I looked at XVG a while back. There are a few things that I require before investing in a coin/token, perhaps the most important of which is the identities and background of the team members. (It doesn't matter how great the tech is if, for example, the team members are the crypto-world equivalent of Bernie Madoff or Charles Ponzi). My due diligence raised the following threshold questions, which I asked on the I asked on the Verge subreddit. I did not receive a satisfactory response:

"I'm interested in XVG, but cannot bring myself to invest with such a lack of transparency. Some questions I have are:

If a single person is responsible for 100% of all feature implementations and upgrades, what is your insurance policy in the event something should happen to him? Does the project die?

How many other people are involved in the project?

What are their identities and roles?

If you will not identify the people responsible for XVG, why not?"

I did not, and would not, touch it for these reasons.

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For me, it's Civic (CVC) and Tierion (TNT), both of which recently completed their token crowd sales. Both have existing products and business partnerships with well know companies (some even prior to their crowdsales), the team members and investors are some of the best known in the crypto world, and the use cases for both are extraordinary.

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I recommend you to read about decentralized storage with blockchain. It's interesting and I think could be a good longterm bet.
I am invested in Storj. But there are also other solutions: (maidsafe, siacoin..)
I think MaidSafe has nothing to do with storage. Their team are building an entire new internet. Not just storage. You should check out, it's pretty interesting and it's definitely a long term investment which could be worth it. I have some of it along with IOTA.
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As far as non-XRPS go, I am only in Rialto and Iota. 

Combined I think XRL can generate excellent dividends, and XRP/IOTA can absolutely crush and own all forms of payments across a gargantuan landscape. 

Im fairly confident at this point, that these three coins are the only ones I'll ever own (or need to own) for long term holding. 

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