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What coin for long-term investment beside XRP ?

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On 18.7.2017 at 10:26 PM, baggy23 said:

I recommend you to read about decentralized storage with blockchain. It's interesting and I think could be a good longterm bet.

I am invested in Storj. But there are also other solutions: (maidsafe, siacoin..)

Thanks for the tip baggy! I also find that area very interesting and potential. I checked the solutions and IMHO Storj is the most appealing choice.

I invested also in Storj. If someone is interested, check the cool website: https://storj.io/

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11 hours ago, RLP18PharmD said:

@baderius: I've been hearing a lot of talk about IOTA......been doing some research into it lately.....

and what do you think?

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22 hours ago, baderius said:

and what do you think?

@baderius..sorry for the delayed response.....From what I've read and researched, I believe that IOTA's technology has the potential to be a game changer with respects to micro-transactions. You hear so much talk about how revolutionary the "Blockchain" technology is, but the applications for IOTA seems almost limitless. I think this technology, if it catches on, will have the greatest impact on human-2-machine (H2M) and machine-2-machine (M2M) connectivity. This is going to be BItcoin's kryptonite with respects to retail use and could make Ethereum sweat with respects to smart contracts. I'm still trying to wrap my head around their "blockchainless" technology, called the Tangle. From my understanding It encompasses all of the key appealing attributes of the blockchain tech in that It's open-source, has a decentralized cryptocurrency, provides real-time settlements for micro-payments/transactions, indefinite scalability, offline transactions, etc. I remember reading an article talking about how IOTA wants to create an ecosystem for IoE (Internet of Everything). Sounds kind of crazy until you actually think about how everything is connected from our smart phones, smart TVs, smart ovens and refrigerators, and smart homes....everything is connected and this IOTA platform wants to be that H2M and M2M bridge. The more I learn about IOTA......the more I keep thinking to myself that they could even give the folks at Ripple a run for their money if they were not solely focused on interoperability and connectivity between H2M and M2M. I would say that initial scalability and adoption will most likely be key issues for IOTA as the technology requires a pretty robust and solid infrastructure to be in place since each transaction is responsible for confirming 2 transactions in the Tangle prior to execution. However, the same can be said of most blockchain tech for example, before the XRP ledger can be utilized to its true potential, Ripple needs a substantial adoption of XRP by banks.  At-any-rate, this is definitely one fintech that is on my radar.

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There are so many good long term cryptos. I will make a list for you and you will not go wrong with any of these choices.



1. Factom (Governments, Businesses , and hospitals are looking at this block-chain. Oh and the coin count is low :) )

2. NEO/Antshares (Think of a better ethereum but made by the chinese)

3. IOTA  (Will be really good in the future.  Think of a block-chain with all of the negative aspects fixed. Just make sure you get miota not iota.  1 miota is 1 million iota.)

4. Ethereum

5. EOS (This is a top choice because of the team they have. Its a good choice but they do not have anything yet just a team. Personally I would not invest until they have a product of somewhat.)

6. Litecoin and PIVX


*HIGH RISK HIGH REWARD*   (These will yield very high rewards if adopted and worth the risk imo. They can also drop substantially if not adopted.)

1. RISE (This is a really good choice especially now at 6 cents. Their product can reach 5 dollars easy if their  platform is good)

2. Status (Brings Ethereum apps to mobile platforms)

3. Golem or SONM (super computer block-chains)

4. Patientory ( Medical block-chain)

5. Digibyte (DIgisign could be really good. )


Do your own research on any long term investment. If you have any questions feel free to inbox me.




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On 7/18/2017 at 1:18 PM, baggy23 said:

I am not really into the sia tech. But decentralized storage means that not they provide the storage space, it's more like the data is split on multiple nodes in a network.

With Storj.io your client can share free harddisk space with the network. Better than dropbox...

I still have problems with Storj, I just don't know where the organic buy pressure will come from... but there will be a lot of sell pressure if StorJ accepts BTC and fiat and pays farmers in STORJ.

I personally think Factom is under priced and is a unique asset among cryptos. Litecoin may enjoy some continued success, especially when everyone realizes that bitcoin scaling hasn't made it into a usable global payment network. IOTA is more of a speculative buy (as if everything else isn't in crypto) but I think the no fee system will allow people to do interesting things with IOTA that you can't do with other cryptos. One idea I had the other day was to use IOTA as a spam email prevention system whereby you require senders to pay you IOTA in order for the email to be visible in your inbox; that IOTA would be automatically refunded to the sender if they're in your contact list. This really only makes sense if you have a zero-fee, nanopayment network.

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"3. Golem or SONM (super computer block-chains)"

Yes, I think these both can be huge someday. SONM (Supercomputer Organized by Network Mining), I invested in this at ICO and also after the ICO, because the price of the token is about 1/3 of the ICO price at the moment. But rising. It may be a big player some day, we will see.

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