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Converting XRP to Fiat on Gatehub?


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Hi all

Newbie here.

I did three things so far, open an account on gatehub (ID verification still pending), open an account on kraken and order the Nano S Ledger.

2 Questions

Q1: So I did manage to buy a rather small amount of XRP via Kraken and have them transferred to Gatehub.

Now the question that comes up, ultimately is: At some point in time, I will want to convert the XRP back to EUR or USD. But on Gatehub, I can chose "all available", but then it gives me 50 XRP less as available amount, relative to what I have in my wallet.

So what's the best way to do this? I mean, let's say XRP goes up to 1$, then that^s a loss of 50 USD...

Should I better actually trade them on Kraken?


With regards to Kraken or any other exchange. How do you guys usually trade your fiat for XRP? What oreder type do you chose?

Limit? f so, let's say you have 500 USD in the acc and current price is 0.167400. At what price do you set the limit order to hit? Slightly above current price and thereby overpay? or you gamble and set it a bit below, well knowing that you might never actually get a fill?


Many thanks for your help, much appreciated.

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