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Ripple - GateHub - Issue - Browser Support


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There are Browser bugs... I do not believe that they are related to a specific Ripple implementation detail as suggested by someone. My sense is that there is a 'cookie' issue but I have not looked into this.

I did set up five (5) GateHub accounts... and I had five (5) consistent failures which could be only fixed by using the Recovery Key... no human will do this. 

I experienced the following three (3) problems consistently with the five (5) account creation efforts.

  1. Using iPad for all cases
  2. Used all Browsers - Safari. FireFox and Chrome... I will try Opera next time. Chrome exhibited fewer problems... but my cache would be empty because I never use it on iPad
  3. "Create Account Error"
  4. "Login Information Incorrect"
  5. "Send Funds Dialog" locks up... freezes and never returns... must kill the Browser and re-log in ( MacOS )

I can re-test these if useful. I have all platforms (Windows, MacOS, iPhone, iPad) available


GateHub Service is slow...

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