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Hyperledger Fabric 1.0 is Released!


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Over the past two months, we locked down feature development and focused on static and dynamic security scanning and linting, testing, reducing technical debt and fixing defects. We increased the unit test coverage by 70% and continue to automate our manual SVT integration tests. We have honed our release process by releasing four interim releases (alpha, alpha2, beta, and rc1) and with each, we have been taking user feedback and worked to improve our documentation and initial UX.


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Q. Does the Hyperledger Fabric have native currency?

A. No. However, if you really need a native currency for your chain network, you can develop your own native currency with chaincode. One common attribute of native currency is that some amount will get transacted (the chaincode defining that currency will get called) every time a transaction is processed on its chain.


I think this will be more of competitor / space sharer to Ethereum if I'm reading it correctly. 

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