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Transfer from Gatehub to Ledger Wallet: ETC and ETH LOST!!


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Hey guys,

I have a huge problem! :blink::cray:

I sent xrp, ETC and ETH from 3 different sub-wallets of Gatehub zu my nano S ledger wallet.
the XRP of all 3 worked fine.
the ETC and ETH of 2 sub-wallets transfered fine too.
But the ETC and ETH from one subwallet have gone LOST! They were sent to the exact same adress as the other ones (in fact the adress was memorized by Gatehub!) they were removed from my Gatehub wallet but they never made it to my ledger. Neither the ETC nor the ETH.

I sent 3x eth and 3x etc at the same adresses (ofc different adresses for etc and eth), and for some reason 1 out of 3 times my coins got lost!
I cant find them on Etherscan etc

HELP! What can I do?

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I just discovered that a third transfer of eth didnt leave gatehub, but is gone from my subwallet. :angry:

Ledger Support reacted within 4 hours and told me that if the hash is not visible on etherscan it didnt went out in the first place and its a gatehub issue.

gatehub support was contacted 38 hours ago, and also enej...  no response yet.... I hope they will react soon since this is avery serious issue.
I mean the whole point of gatehub is buying/selling and transfering coins. so if 3 out of 6 etc/eth transaction go missing I think thats a considerable major problem..

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