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Those that know me are aware that I look for entries on breakouts of ranges, former highs and lows etc and have a tendency so spot very fast scalping moves calling some of them on the Zerpbox.

So we have been in a range since the high @ 42c and the swing low of that high at 12c featured below, the low generated a good support level at around the 21/22c area and the high a good resistance area at around 31/32c which day traders might look to make entries on. We needed to break up of 32c a couple of weeks ago some of you might remember people talking about that level as being key. Whats happened since is the main range has created a couple of smaller ranges all visible in the polo screen shot below.

Now I hate chart patterns but all these smaller ranges failing to break have generated a symmetrical triangle which has a high probability of a break upwards (apparently).

Just an insight....






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As far back as I can tell, my ancestors have owned and traded horses. Horse sense can only come from working around horses. No one with horse sense would buy a lame or dead horse, but in horse sense terms, zerp is still a young foal with lots of potential, one you would only shoot if it broke a leg and was down and couldn't get back up. From what I can see, she is still up around and kicking with the rest of them. I just wish someone would put a switch to her and get her running a little faster. 

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It's all good.  I've resorted to social media (shudders) to keep myself from watching charts all day.. I'm going all in. I'm emptying everything into XRP over the next few weeks providing this low holds.  I'm talking living off noodles and parking the car up for a while all in.

This low is artificial.  I'm ******* positive of it.  They've kept it down to either minimize damage now, or to facilitate a big buy in.

Some big cat sets up a deal and says we want it within this pricerange,  Ripple says ok and dumps it on..

And then that 55bln XRP goes into escrow, locked in a smart contract..

38bln already sold.  About 1bln per week going.

You got 7 weeks.  Be ready.



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Don't watch charts, crypto is unpredictable and no one can say if it will rocket or drop no matter how much analysis is done

buy what you think will make money that's the best advice

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