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ICO for JFK Coin on Ripple Gateway Xagate

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I'm posting this on behalf of @Twarden and Xagate so bear with me, 

The JFK token is sold for XRP on the ~Xagate trust-line. The ICO is to teach individuals why JFK was assassinated which was already posted on twitter @kthxbaipce. 

The ICO is a fundraiser to help the Xagate gateway continue doing business on ripple and provide community facing gateway products and projects on xagate.com

#ICO #JFK will have a redemption policy on https://xagate.com when the new ToS is rolled out in the near future this Summer #rcl #xag.. #ICO #JFK will be valued via 'value parcel' which contains investment grade copper, "junk #silver"/#xag, + valuable art cards #Exodus #MTG!! and Entropia Universe game redemption options.. 

The ICO will go until 7500 XRP limit is reached, and if there is enough demand Xagate will make another ICO offer.

Issuer Name: ~Xagate 

Ripple Address: rGgS5Hw3PhSp3VNT43PDTXze9YfdthHUH

Currency: JFK

1. On gatehub.net menu click "Wallet", then scroll to bottom of page and click "Advanced", click "SET TRUST" and enter the ripple address and currency above,

2. On Menu click "Trade" then modify the URL link like this: https://wallet.gatehub.net/#/trade/JFK:rGgS5Hw3PhSp3VNT43PDTXze9YfdthHUH/XRP/

Buy some JFK and find out what really happen to John F Kennedy on the grassy knoll!

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