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Payza Commits to Cryptocurrency: Unveils Full Bitcoin Services, Introduces Altcoin Exchanges


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Payza, the award-winning global online payment platform, announced a new range of unique cryptocurrency features to the online payment processing and international remittance space. Payza e-wallets are now fully functional as a Bitcoin wallet, providing members the option to buy, sell, exchange, send, receive, and hold Bitcoin all within a Payza account. Additionally, the Payza platform allows for over 50 altcoins to be exchanged to fiat currency, letting members easily sell Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and dozens of other cryptocurrencies.

Multi-currency wallet Payza news!

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I've used it and while I hate to be that guy, but I had a crap experience trying to convert USD to Bitcoin.  They charge you this high "processing fee" and then send you the Bitcoin with as little miner's fee as possible.  The whole process took around 6 weeks.  Sucks because when I expected to receive the Bitcoin the exchange rate was still around $1,700 USD.  By the time I got it the rate had risen to around $2,200.  I would be careful.  Feels like they are new to this, so yeah I would tread lightly with just small amounts.  Who knows--perhaps they made some changes by now and the service has gotten better.  All said, Payza has never lost any of my money.  Service might be a little clunky and slow though.


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