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Ripple is EBS 20 years ago


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44 minutes ago, BDXRP said:

Interesting, EBS come on the market 20 years ago and only a few banks had access to it then, after a while if a bank didn't have EBS you were left behind. Some of the older traders here say to me Ripple XRP is basically EBS 20 years ago.



With one small exception ,  EBS is just one of the several 100 trading venues / matching centers for Forex. Ripple is a technology that will be used to transport currency and has no competitors currently. Also EBS is competing for market share in a commoditized space i.e forex exchanges / matching centres . Ripple plans to be the defacto crypto currency for value transfer without counterparty risk. EBS can die tomorrow and somthing else can take place , also it does not have network effects. 

I think the only comparison to Ripple is swift monopoly + internet network effects + TCPIP protocol = combined into one for money transport.

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6 minutes ago, BDXRP said:

@goldstar111 Thanks - Yes of course, I was just talking about the growth of EBS back then. They started exactly how Ripple are (with a few banks) - Out of curiously, how long do you think it would take for XRP to become liquid and at least surpass bitcoin Market Cap? 

Seriously I think end of 2018 should be good as the Japanes banks start using it full steam. I am not sure if We will beat Bitcoin many times over or bitcoin will also continue to grow, However here is the thing. I really don't think BTC can be a trillion dollars in marketcap but I think XRP could be the first crypto that is a trillion dollars . I am not sure if this will happen in 1,5,10  years.

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@goldstar111 Same here, I believe 1 Trill is on the cards for XRP. Time frame, who knows. I guess its down to compliance and how many plug ins they have. I heard that they are not just targeting banks. They will also contact businesses/corporates provide like a cloud type plug in to XRP.. 

Just like email changed international trade / Import Export. XRP will make the world move faster and actually expand international trade.

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