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Focus on Interoperability not Scale - AHB Ripple

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We can think of the Internet of Value as a graph, with billions of nodes (holders of value), just like the Internet is a graph of nodes holding data.

To inter-network these networks, we have developed a simple open protocol, the Interledger Protocol (ILP), heavily inspired by IP, that allows nodes to act as gateways between the networks on which they hold accounts, and for value to flow across the networks and around the world.

We demonstrated this a few weeks ago at our workshop in Berlin sending a payment across 7 networks, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Chain, and Ripple.

So my appeal is, “if you are a developer getting into the space and want to work on hard problems with large impact”, also consider working on a project like Interledger or coming up with something similar for computation, or for identity, or for storage. Interoperability solves the scaling problem better than incremental improvements to a single system, it creates an ecosystem.



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These guys are such clear thinkers... I've never been more confident in a young company!



If the goal is to replicate the architecture of the Internet for computation, storage, identity, value, and other functions, then trying to scale a single system (no matter how decentralized it is) is going about it all wrong.

Computation on Web 3.0 won’t be Ethereum or Trubit. It will be Ethereum and Trubit and EC2 and Azure and many other systems that don’t even exist yet. By then we’ll have figured out the protocol for distributing and moving computation between these computation networks seamlessly, the way we move data between data networks today.



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