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Lost ETH deposit from Gatehub to Bittrex - Help!


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I transferred 3.0998 ETH from Gatehub to my Bittrex account a week ago and its not showing up in Bittrex. In Gatehub it says its sent.

TX Hash: A8EC323E1D01524296F4E7B9DCE382F813FDDA7D1419F4E79A34D1EA101CB2E4

You can see it here on Ripple Charts: https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/transactions/A8EC323E1D01524296F4E7B9DCE382F813FDDA7D1419F4E79A34D1EA101CB2E4

It was a new Bittrex account and I ran 2 test transactions of 0.1 ETH each before I did the one for 3.0998 ETH, they both worked fine in about 10 mins. I also received a mystery deposit of 0.3993 ETH into my Bittrex account around the same time which is suspect of a bug in the system.

Bittrex told me to contact Gatehub, the Gatehub support is poor, nothing back from them in a week, any advise on what I should do?


Bittrex ETH address: 0x2a5bdb2079627efe0b9c2bb464be4b733d4dd9ce

Gatehub ETH address: rpKycKxGK7rq179KjPTn6QByDH4bofZtih











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