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Bittrex withdrawl created a txid, but did not arrive at gatehub


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Hey there, i recemtly withdrew 9k with of xrp from bittrex to gatehub, however, it has maked it as complete and even produced a txid. However when i key in the hash numberin xrpcharts it says no such transaction.


when keyed it into the rpc tool heres what it gave me



  Account : "rPVMhWBsfF9iMXYj3aAzJVkPDTFNSyWdKy",

  Amount : "8999980000",

  Destination : "r9PtrQy8oPB9fsf7o7MUoiYPx8jUGriQWf",

  Fee : "10",

  Flags : 2147483648,

  LastLedgerSequence : 30768373,

  Sequence : 61390,

  SigningPubKey : "020B75BA15276592181C17BEA3578AF1E24D2B59795E8DF9CACD377B9D57480DCD",

  TransactionType : "Payment",

  TxnSignature : "304402201804958FEC0EEC60B85666F0F2CE77B9CB7F701FBA337DA10A73EA5B52880AD0022073DD6823C4C77369ACD442D66D7A7097EBC0B4E3A9D7EA7D715D837078202AA4",

  date : 551722231,

  hash : "5AFF6143FE3B003BF74EDE7D82914891C35A0DD3BD52634C7C08DB8922FF4A0D",

  inLedger : 30768371,

  ledger_index : 30768371,

  meta : { /* AffectedNodes, TransactionIndex, ... */ },

  validated : true


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You commented out the affected nodes. So I can't see if any funds were sent but you have 44 496.41 XRP in that account. 


There is problems with the DATA API right now. I am having the problem that my balances have changed due to orders being filled but they do not show in any transaction history. I can't figure out what I bought for what. But my funds are in my account. I assume every cent is accounted for. Just the DATA API is not confirming this. 

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