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Can't login into Ripple Desktop Wallet, HELP!


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Hi, I'm having trouble getting into my wallet.

Downloaded rippex Ripple Desktop Wallet and setup an account with a password. I wrote the password down but not the secret key. I deposited quite a few XRP in. I logged out and assumed that the Wallet would just let you back in with the password. I opened the wallet file (has the windows time stamp of when I created the account) and typed in my password. I got the error: Login failed: Wallet file or password is wrong.

I moved the wallet file around into different directories but that didn't work.

I can see my balance in Read Only Mode.

Any tips for getting into my account? Is this a bug with the Desktop Wallet?

Alternatively, can I get any information out from opening the wallet file in notepad? I know my password, the Desktop Wallet seems to be not registering it correctly.

I created a new wallet, typed in a password, skipped the secret key, logged out, and tried opening up that same wallet with the password. Same error!: Login failed: Wallet file or password is wrong.

I also tried putting the wallet file and putting the ripple_data directory + the wallet file inside into the directories where I originally saved it (desktop) and in C:\Program Files\Ripple Desktop Wallet\

Using v. 1.4.1. Win 7 Pro 64-bit

Posted in another forum but no one has answered.

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