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Where did my Ripple go?


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I want to move my Ripple from off the exchange. I sent only a very small amount of XRP (only 2 XRP tokens LOL :) )  to my ledger nano S hardware wallet as a test transaction. I have a ton of XRP and want to test first before moving the bulk of my XRP to my hardware wallet.

I didn't know I needed to activate the wallet address first. The 2 XRP tokens was never received in my hardware wallet.

I have now activated the ledger nano s wallet address with 20 XRP from Bithomp. What will happen to the 2 XRP tokens I sent as a small test? Will they be returned to the exchange? Or will they fall into a black hole never to be seen again? 

It's only 2 tokens so I am not worried much ....just curious what happens to them?

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If you sent those 2 zerps from an exchange, then the transaction failed and it was not delivered to your address. Unless exchange has implemented multiple retries to send the funds in such case it probably will stay in an account of exchange. Maybe they will credit it back to your exchange account (though might require contacting support).

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