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Poloniex disables ETH deposits - cites "network instability"


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7 minutes ago, PhishyKris said:

Every ICO in the past month has been built on the ETH blockchain and literally crippled it. Status.io was the big one from the other day. ETH to its knees.

it's ethereum's one and only use case!

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"so... what can YOUR pointless, overhyped, borderline-illegal token offering do?"

"erm, well... we help others to create more crap tokens, and we call ours 'gas' 'cos it's clever"

"great -- take my money!"

"we will, we will"

"oh wait... i don't have any ID, didn't do any checks or..."

"let me stop you right there, neither do we and we don't care -- now shut up and party hard, the champagne's arrived"

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