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I'm a developer who wants to get up to speed with Ripple's technologies asap.  Bg is C++ (sigh) but I've dabbled in Go (love it) and am very keen to take up Rust (if I can find someone to $ponsor a project).

I'm aware of Ripple's various Github repos.  But since my time is limited (I have a day job), I'm hoping I can cut to the chase in terms of learning.  If I'm left to my own devices I'll start with a full code review of rippled (I like to see how things tick).  Anyway I'm just a regular dev looking for opportunity and fun!

Is their something akin to "Ripple playland" to get a feel for how to use the Ripple network?  Where can I chat about applications?  And how about "finance markets for dummies (software dudes)"?

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Here are some good links for starters:

Ripple developer page:



Play with rippled test server:



Are you planning on running a rippled server/validator or building a compatible app or? 

I myself have been looking into building an app using ripple functionality but have not gotten around to doing it yet.

Maybe we could collaborate on something!

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@pompous-p thanks for the info.  I literally have no idea about applications.  Finance has always been a mystery to me..

But what I can say is I hate the overheads of transferring money between countries.  My better half is Korean.  We get burnt every time we send / receive money.  It's literally cheaper for us to hop on a plane with pockets loaded with cash than doing a TT.

I see that the Korean exchanges are very active (I've been watching trading volumes on Ripple Charts).  This interests me - I know the Korean thinking pattern with respect to money.  It'd be nice to capitalize on that somehow?  But really I have no idea.

Gotta learn first! 

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Well for starters, invest in XRP. Haha!

Next, I know what you mean. I have a lot of close Korean friends who have described your situation to me.

I'm from an OS X / iOS dev background and want to get my hands dirty with some ripple apps.

Stay in touch, maybe something works out, maybe it doesn't!

If you have twitter, follow me; @pompous__p

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