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Fund withdrawal issues-Gatehub


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Being a newbie to the crypto world (1 year) I decided to carry out some due diligence by mainly processing a number of transactions IE: transfer of funds from Australian bank account---transferring of xrp to Bitstamp---transferring bitcoin to Gatehub from BTC markets etc etc. The most recent being a small sale of XRP (at a profit) with the funds supposedly going into my British bank account this took place on the 16/5/17 after approx 1 week nothing received, advice was sent to Gatehub re the situation, they requested further info that was sent the same day, and to date over 1 month later no funds received and only an auto generated script has been received from Gatehub even though numerous follow up emails have be sent by me. I have followed this up with my bank in the UK and they confirm no funds received !!! They advise they need the Field 20 reference number to pursue their investigation but as Gatehub do not respond I'm totally lost. Has anyone had similar experiences ?

I would really appreciate if anyone could advise how to resolve this matter, I mean getting Gatehub to respond.

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