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Market Conditions - June 22th, 2017 5.50 PM EDT

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3 minutes ago, ObservantOne said:

Nice Harry Potter reference! 

"Cornelius, I implore you to see reason! The evidence that the Dark Lord has returned is incontrovertible."

LOL i never realized !  thought it was general and appreciative .. oh where was I ! haha

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14 hours ago, R8102V1D2D said:

>> Slopes dynamics have further improved
>> Demand curve has further improved.
>> close to close - PVI has fallen - impatient/unstable money/investors have got bored and moved away for now
>> close to close - NVI has greatly improved - Smart and strategic money flow has increased.  
>> Accumulation has kept positive growth and has not reduced. both + and - directional indicators are healthy. ( aka: healthy market interest and buy/sell curve ) 

Based on looking at hour or daily chart?



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19 minutes ago, Salmone said:

Based on looking at hour or daily chart?



slopes compare daily with weekly and cycle charts, demand curve i track without charts, pvi and nvi are long term and co-related after average-merge of both 30 and 4 hr to get smoother curves by averaging the points, lastly momentum and other oscillations are longer term. Hope that helps, Kindly , R8 

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8 minutes ago, vsyc said:

@R8102V1D2D I do not know how to phrase this all correctly, but I will try:

Actual stocks have value in USD and relatively, I guess, it easy perform predictions, analysis some calculations etc.

Cryptos, depends on their popularity have both value in BTC and USD.

When market goes down, usually it either goes down in BTC (people sell) or in fiat (BTC goes down) or both.

In the past month, in market being bearish, XRP was going down in both, BTC and USD. But currently it pretty much stable in BTC, yes it went a bit lower, but compared with the past it is very stable.

So try to ask question, that might be stupid, but when you do predictions do you care about this differences in behavior XRP vs FIAT, XRP vs BTC, or it really does not matter?

thats not at all stupid and very good question. yes i do weigh the "weights" and difference between BTC , USD  , KRW, JPY  and ETH ... when there is a red-sea day like today, i on purpose ignore it because it is market wide offset, and fundamental strengths always are retained ( albeit whole market takes a beating ) ..

in other words the price difference reflecting the "qualitative" and "appreciation" differences of crypto assets are constant. as in saying ripple has been as good to BTC as it was and Ripple has been more good to ETH then it was. 

qualitatively speaking, ripple is gaiing confidence while ETH losing.  Also relative market cap fluctuations give pretty good picture - example yesterday morning ETH marketcap was 30+ billion and today as we speak it is 24 billion :-) ... however yesterday ripple was 11.7 and today it is 10.6 .. eth confidence has evaded 10% more then ripple. this is significant.

apart from this entire market took a beating which is pretty much the underlying constant. no bigs. with raising wave the lift will be back. 

thanks for the followup. btw however for a very short time, btc can appreciate over ripple .. but we should ignore this "jitters" and "spike" they constitute noise ( aka: unsustainable). 

kindly, R8


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