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HI all,

So I have been watching with interest the crypto currency debate and through my job I should/need to get involved. I am a 50+ yr old CFO and want to understand how it all works, is there any opportunity for us as a company and myself outside of the business. 

I purchased $700 of Ripple via Kraken through a long confluted way enjoying the delays in being verified and so on and then unable to buy Ripple as my GBP was actually converted in Yen (thanks Kraken help desk). 

I now have the pleasure of watching different Ripple prices on different exchanges (scared to death by the MT Gov shenanigans some time ago) and have i done the right thing. I am now looking at opening a 'wallet" via Github and got to decipher another set of user language which is proving difficult.

I am here for the long haul and selfishly hoping for a big increase in prices over the long term investment.

I work for Real Vision (we are high end Finance subscription service)  and as such I am trying to work out in my mind should we offer our services with payment via Ripple. Does it make commercial sense or should i hold back and carrying on lurking until a bright spark makes it so much more user friendly and not off putting. My final concern as the CFO is how do I account for any Ripples we collect (in the P&L and Balance sheet) and finally how to turn it into cash to pay suppliers/staff.

Whilst I know Ripple is supposed to be used between banks I have seen other messages looking for Ripple to be used to purchase goods and services.

Good luck everyone


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Welcome to xrpchat.

If you are just planning to hold, I would invest in a Nano S ledger> if you plan to trade and keep bigger amounts in hold..leave some on the exchange and store the rest on Nano S ..pretty straight forward process. Keep your 24 word passphrase secure and should be good to go.

For the second part, I would contact Ripple for that information. As time goes by and more third parties begin innovating, this whole process will become more user friendly. This is really just the beginning and it will take time, but it seems to be moving pretty fast. 

Don't be afraid to ask questions, very smart and knowledge people here. Welcome to crypto..expect the uncertain but also enjoy the ride. Its quite addicting

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