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BTC38.com - XRP Wallets

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Anyone that trades XRP on BTC38 should know:
1 Their hot wallet has been empty for over 24 hours now. 
2 There is currently a 24 hour hold for XRP withdrawals. (You don't get this information on the English withdrawal page)
3 Deposits are working as usual. Be sure to use the proper destination tag, as it is different for each deposit. And only send the exact amount you specify, otherwise your deposit won't credit properly
4 They are cheap on the BTC network fees (.0004BTC/Byte - that's 1/10th of what bitstamp uses), so expect a day long wait on BTC withdraws. Always check unconfirmed transactions

Their current XRP wallets are:
Deposit: ra545WwJStiP64Sty7MeZBWcKcXpGyapaU
Hot: r9zrsxaodijNE6jEPknTcF3FR1rFn6ht5y
Cold: rBUzWBi6WhhbpmjN8v7hzDcfjmbqxj4ivB

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