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Market Conditions - June 20th, 2017 07:07 AM EDT

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10 minutes ago, panmores said:

Keyword: "long wave asset."


And looking forward to the Ehler Fischer symmetry explanation.

This Market Conditions report takes a rather conservative outlook, because of the overall market factors I reckon?

definitely conservative. additional market forces can always fail the projection on the upside. and that is one of the things i have always liked, under-promise with upward delivery projection.. So yep you are right in your consideration.

And Ehler Fischer - because of the way it is calculated, its not easy for EF transform to make such symmetric and when it does it always means something special. Will share some of the background on this in the next update when the slow uptrend has taken good hold and signals are changing for good.

Kindly, R8

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1 minute ago, baggy23 said:

In the last report you said it could take-off to 0.70$ if it forms base again for the third time at 0.30$. How likely is this?

0.73 USD is the new waves top, that will be caused by next surge in momentum. Seems like this momentum surge will occur around 43 Cents. so in common market language - 43 cents is the break out for the next range, 54 , 60 and 67 cents are minor pullbacks and 73 range top. So we are looking forward to that, i know i personally am.

But for all of this, we will need to definitely cross through this uptrend, fighting market confusion and defeating any left over propaganda.

From today's report, seems like XRP is well empowered to do so. Maths is on its side. 

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2 hours ago, R8102V1D2D said:

** Disclaimer 01 : This is my personal opinion only 
** Disclaimer 02 : This is NOT Trading advice, if you use, at your own risk. I myself don't trade regularly, and this is part my new market learning experience
** Disclaimer 03 : To remind a general market sentiment, do NOT trade with funds you cannot afford to lose. Novice markets are always very turbulent until mass adoption and maturity. Definitely NOT for the faint hearted.  

** Important Note : NO information in this post is intended to aid short term/ day and/or swing trading. All summary projections are from few months to a few years in range. 

|| Type:  This is a strategic medium term trend update


In the previous Market Conditions report on 14th of June 2017,  we clearly recognized the point of reversal & also studied the upward trends that were forming with then relevant market conditions. 

These were the key observation/inference and probabilities from the previous report

As we stand today

>> Globally, across all markets, I have received multiple confirmation signals that base formation at 30 cents range has now begun.
>> while shallow slope appreciated significantly (useless),  fortunately, deep-slope has also appreciated by over 13~15 Degrees (Strength & Market Interest).
>> the strong support lines have moved up from 23.6 to 25 Cents ( place where support sustains stagnant price for extended period and provides bounce )

All in all, very clear signs of a fundamentally strong asset. 

One key observation

the patterns in which bottoms have been quick bounce, bases have been retested many times, and range base is being "strongly" established for the third time, since past 9 hours - All together form yet another "confirming" signals of XRP behaving like a long wave asset. In simple words such assets integrate well into daily life, become part of the social fabric and play a society sustaining role for significant periods of time. this is what bestows them the patterns of a long wave sinusoidal. 

Important chart snippet:

I request you all to take a VERY CLOSE look at the chart snippet below. it is just last 3 days , since when reversal triggered base formation in 30 cents range. especially, the last indicator is the Ehler Fischer Transform ( red+white line), the last second is the ADX/DMS , the third one from bottom is Accumulation distribution.   


>> the pattern made by Ehler Fischer after 16.00 Hours of 6/18 is VERY significant. any eye can recognize the perfect symmetry and it sure means something. Will let you know in a moment. 
>> The Green (+DI)  and Red (-DI) lines in DMS have shown "clear reversal" - meaning reversal after a good tug fight. now green is low-slope upward and red is low-slope downward. 
>> finally Look how the Accumulation has slope improvements, which is essential "loudly" screaming that all of this is indeed solid and not shallow.

What does this mean. this combined signal co-related to macro trends and signals. Especially Ehler Fisher stepward strengthening at a "range base" - and not any "range base" , but the range base that is forming after 3rd significant retest... 

For me personally all this seems to be telling we are in the special stage as shown below, and the play-out time co-relating to past seems to be next 3 to 4 years.  :


Current Probabilities :

Last weeks probabilities have had a gradual progress with slope improvements, remain accurate and in play. Please find the updated probabilities below:

There is a 70% chance that XRP is going to establish stable base at 30 cents for the third time and further continue uptrend to 37 cents. this uptrend will be gradual with constant, consistent but mediocre selling pressure built in.
There is a 25% chance that XRP will fall back to find support at 25 cents.
There is only 5% chance that XRP will fall below 25 cents (25 is the new 21).  

Also thought will share Chris Vila's excellent view on GR  (IF anyone likes to watch :-) ): 


What is "GR"?

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@R8102V1D2D Maybe you can answer me this question.

From 0.006$ till 0.25$ we had an increase of 4000%. Now lets assume we have another increase of 4000%, we would be at 10$ / XRP.

Does it need the same buying power at a higher price per XRP to drive the price up? Is it mathematically the same, or do we need more money to move the price now? My head just can't find an answer. I mean the +4000% happened in 2 months or so. So it should be easy to happen again right? (I know a token cannot only go up in value)

Or is the trading volume the only thing that counts?

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Just now, mkultra said:

@R8102V1D2D So by posting that bubble graph, are you saying you are expecting a XRP bubble? And in 3-4 years, after the bubble grows and bursts we will be back at roughly the same price we are now?

nope, that graphs is used for so many things, what i am saying is we will have momentous growth when tech matures and we are entering the mass adoption phase. as with all tech, it will eventually be replaced with a better one perhaps, but not sure when. may be years from now. however 3 to 4 years seem to be plausible for mass adoption to take hold given current circumstances. 

hope that helps

Kindly, R8

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