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Rippex desktop wallet problem.


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Similar to another thread but I could not find any answers there so created a new topic.

I opened a rippex XRP wallet today.

Typed out a password and copy/paste it into the location.

Deposited some XRP to activate the account, and later closed the application.

When I tried to open the wallet it said that the password is wrong.

I used the secret key to open a new account, but all that does it open a whole new account.  The XRP is not there and it needs activating again.

Any tips on what to do so that I dont lose my XRP?

The new account I set up with the secret key is the same as with the old one.  I activated the old wallet by depositing XRP into it.

But when I checked online, it says it was not activated.

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I have tried this with a new account in rippex also. What worked for me was, don't change the filename of the wallet the first time, use the default. You can of course choose any password you want. Then close the wallet. Reopen it. See if that works. Then you can close it again and give the wallet another file name or move it to another location. Try again if you can open it and if you can, then you are save to use it. 

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Don't forget that your XRP are not in the wallet.  They are in the public distributed ledger.  There are only two things you need for happy Zerping and one can be generated from the other.

You can look at your account with any browser online by using your public address typed into https://bithomp.com/explorer/   Your public address is the second of the things I mentioned and it can always be generated from the first...   the secret key.

If there are Zerps in there and you have your secret key then you have lost nothing....   you can always recreate a wallet to transact on that account by creating a new wallet with your secret key.

The wallet is a misnomer. It really should be called The KeyCreator/Transactor.  (Ok....  I will admit that name sux.)   :)

If you have the secret key in your possession you can delete the wallet anytime and loose nothing.

It does seem like there is a bug in the Rippex Wallet around wallet renames.  But @jn_r has found the workaround it seems....  good work in finding that workaround.

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