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XRP and my other holdings

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I am the Founder of the Cryptocurrency Collectors Club, 32k members and we finally stopped letting new people in, I am also the co-founder of the Expanse project, and I am a decent trader. Nothing is random, all I do is research when I am not working on the project I co-founded, Expanse.

That said, my Holdings in order of market cap: $XRP, $LTC, $ZEC, $WAVES, $ANS, $BAT, $EXP, $MONA

Ripple XRP is next to add to Houbi, unless they add Antshares first, but Japan alone should double the price sooner or later. ILP is really why I like Ripple though, that is the holy grail.

Litecoin LTC has all the Bitcoin tech going to it and Bitstamp tomorrow, the potential fork stuff for Bitcoin makes Alts a better bet right now.

Zcash ZCASH has Alphabay coming on the first of next month, might double. Check charts for XMR and ETH after they were added, easy win.

Waves is one of the most popular platforms in Russia and has a strong decentralized exchange angle. 

Antshares ANS is like Ethereum meets Hyperledger meet Ripple with KYC for China, should go very high. Rebranding on the 22nd, hopefully, more serious.

Basic Attention Token BAT is by the guy that created Javascript and Firefox, test out the Brave Browser to get a feel for the quality of the project.

Expanse EXP is my own project so I am biased, but we have far more development than ETC and the other one, and we are the first stable fork after Ethereum. Also very cheap.

Mona might seem silly, but it is the first crypto of Japan, and I expect it will rise when all the Japanese exchanges go online in the future. Has ATMs all over Japan and people actually use it, and cheap. Testing Lightning Network now, already has segwit.


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I am curious about your project expanse. I heard the name before, I think there was a presale? (maybe I am wrong) If there was one, how much was the price per token and how much money you collected? What are the recent developments of Expanse? Any exciting partnerships? Tell us some insider news :wink:

edit: I just saw that there was no ICO. But do you have collected any money from investors? Are you still hiring developers?....

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4 minutes ago, xrpphdinvestor said:

Based on several prediction models and after extensively watching the cryptocurrency market these past few years, I would not be surprised to see the price of XRP jump to at least $25 before 2017 ends. That is on the low end!

Based on?

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