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Americanbanker.com Article on Ripple


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2 hours ago, ZIGXRP said:


"Ripple is definitely thinking about this the right way," said Whitman Knapp, chairman of the transaction banking advisory firm GTBInsights, regarding Ripple's plan to use cryptocurrency for cross-border payments.

While Vias admits he can't even begin to have this conversation with banks until XRP itself is more liquid, Thomas is already thinking about the end result in magical terms. Banks, he said, will have "gold that you can teleport into any vault in the world instantly."


Wow...bring on liquidity!


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48 minutes ago, natethesnake said:

Can't wait for Japan to go live. Only then can the other banks see the potential of RCL, ILP and hopefully, XRP as well. If that happens, $1 here we come!

Any date for it?

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