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Snapswap/Gatehub Question


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Though I've held XRP for a substantial amount of time, I have never touched it holding for the long term. I did move my XRP over to Gatehub when we had to, but I have some stupid questions that may have been answered here on this forum that I am unable to make discovery of, so I apologize in advance if they have already been answered. I am trying to understand the Wallet Net Worth Values. My account state my XRP numbers and shows a value in USD in the Gatehub Wallet that appears to represent the cash value of my XRP. Now knowing this, I had a minor USD value left over in Snapswap which is shown in the lower area of the screen, but there is also showing a USD value in the Net Worth area for Snapswap. Why is that, and if that value is correct, can that USD be used or transferred to purchase other coins or more XRP. I am confused as to why there is any USD value in the NET Worth section of the wallet under Snapswap. Any reasoning would be appreciated.

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@XRPG Snapswap is no longer operational. You can't redeem Snapswap.IOU for crypto or fiat. Snapswap price does not represent anything. 
Net worth is just a representation of YOUR_BALANCE_IN_OTHER_IOUs * Whatever_trustlines_your_account_has.IOU price. 

If you still have some Snapswap.USD you may sell them for XRP at whatever rate the Snapswap.USD/XRP is at the moment. 

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45 minutes ago, XRPG said:

If I may ask another question, just how do I do that?

Sell Snapswap.USD? 
I don't use gatehub, so I can't give you specific directions, but if you have a rippex desktop wallet - go to trade tab, select USD as a base currency, Snapswap as a base gateway (you will have to enter the ripple address of the issuing wallet of snapswap) and XRP as a counter currency. Wait till the order book loads, then click on the highest bid - it will copy the price, then enter the amount of USD.snapswap you have. The amount will be shown just above the fields for price and amount.  

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