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Don't Trust the Alt Coins - Unregulated Scams


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20 minutes ago, CryptoManiac said:

Good rule is to look at the top 15-20 currencies for investment just to be on a safer side.

That, or be very proactive and research every (new) coin yourself regarding the whitepaper / distribution / technique / target usecase. In that case you can be before the masses. But also expect that some coins in the top 15 might go very low within a few years.

Generally, in my opinion: pick a coin with a realistic usecase that has a good chance to be used in the future, and with a healthy and motivated team behind. There are several with interesting usecases

The article mentioned in this topic is pretty old (january 2015), but as a reminder I agree that not all coins will survive and it's quite easy to make a new one.

The article mentions this image:

Some of them are already gone (and some are not)

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