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Name of the Ripple account


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I am new in this in this world :)


i am planing to create and transferred XRP to cold wallet, i found that there is an option to check the balance of the wallet to make sure that the exchange sent the xrps to my paper wallet.


1. how long will take from https://www.bitstamp.net/  to my cold wallet?

2. as you see in the attachment, i checked balance of one account and i found that appear user name of the owner of this ripple account....  how i can do this? 




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Those are federated names which were created on older accounts. I don't think there is anyway to create a name for ripple accounts any longer. I guess you could say that this is a benefit that old-timers had. I do know there are many old timers with multiple accounts, thus extras with names. Perhaps sometime in the future those accounts/names could go up for bidding when Ripple gets even bigger. Not sure of the legalities though.

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