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HELP! I made a mistake I think!


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26 minutes ago, Bstoehr52 said:

So I made a wallet via bithomp and didn't read through enough and didn't activate it. I sent 245 XRP to it Fromm poloniex.. is it gone forever? I can't access my address.. what are my next steps if any??

Should be just fine. Poloniex is an exchange with it's own system for sending and receiving. It can take a while* for the XRP to leave Polo and reach your wallet on Ripple's protocol.

*I've seen it take up to 2 hours.

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8 hours ago, Bstoehr52 said:
It reflects my 245 XRP balance! Thank you! Sorry for being slow on this. I'm new to Ripple.
Also, another question for y'all... how do I send from this address bithomp generated for me?

Gatehub .com


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