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Quantum on Gatehub

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I think you mean Quantumproject.org. The token is QAU. I looked at the project and its show promise. Providing liquidity, they are going to buyback tokens with profit and destroy them, thus increasing the price of tokens still in use....sound good. IMHO

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Yes the coin is Quantum (QAU) in another topic on xrpchat gatehub mentioned they will soon come with a blog to explain the support of Quantum. I am really waiting for this as gatehub is quite selective with the coins to list on their platform (only 6 or so at the moment) i just bought some of those coins as i think it has an interesting model....but for the rest i think gatehub knows more then we do....lets wait and see....just hope gatehub will explain soon as you can already trade it (today) on gatehub. Cheers.

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