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I have seen several requests for video tutorials, everything from trading, new wallet creation, migration, etc. Thought I would just start a general thread were people could post their requests and if I (or someone else) gets a few hours free I might put together a walkthrough or guide.

Can't promise anything about production quality.

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Just now, Dennis said:

I'll help make a video if needed.  People on my Youtube channel keep telling me my RippleTrade demo's are too out of date anyway :P


You already have an active channel? Care to post a link?

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1 minute ago, Dennis said:

Well once I get my PC set up I just need a topic and and hour to have something ready to post.  Should be setup in the next week or so.  

An hour?! Well that's faster than I work :P

I tend to be a perfectionist though, although I doubt we need 4K vids just yet. Your nominated as the video guy!

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47 minutes ago, OlivierA said:

I could help with the production quality, I've been doing this for the past 20+ years.


If/when the project starts, we could chat in private.

That's some high grade stuff!

The issue as I see it is that for the concept of ripple, RCL, ILP no one explains it better than Ripple. Their marketing and promo team puts out some great videos that explain it better than we ever could.

As for the specific user issues I feel we shouldn't be creating things for business (exchanges/ gateways) for various reasons (things may change, they have or should have a in house team, liable, etc.).

That leaves a narrow ledge of basic concepts like trust lines, reserves, myth busting, etc. 

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On 6/9/2017 at 8:25 PM, brianwalden said:
Albany here


I spent 4 good years in Albany as a Great Dane

Would be great to have a Northeast meet up!
Ripple has an office in NYC, but I don't think any of them participate in this community (except for when@miguel did that brief and very much appreciate time a few months back).


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