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https://ipayinstant.com/ A new X-border platform w Ripple validator


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With iPayInstant.com, the future of instant payments is now ! You can use our service as an individual or large corporation. You only pay for payment processing. No setup fees. No monthly fees. No hidden fees. Pay only 1% per transaction, send $1 or $10 million and receive the funds instantly.

Ripple validator:



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5 minutes ago, Duke67 said:

I've also noticed another new one - JonHQ.com - great to see new validators!

Nice.... Jon Holmquist is an ex employee I believe ... Remember him from that very early days ...

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On 6/9/2017 at 6:23 AM, kanaas said:

Jon Holmquist is an ex employee I believe

Would be great if an ex employee was building a service on the platform. Not the case yet, but would be a good sign. 

Thx for sharing @Live4xrp. Finding the good posts takes a little more time these days. Need to rework my XRP Chat strategy. 

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