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Android Payment App with Interledger Specs for Payment

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It looks like we have one of the initial projects coming out of the recent Berlin Interledger hack-o-thon, unless I've missed something. 

It's a start to an android app written in Java and Python using the interledger specs for completing a payment. Solutions are coming..... :)


Interledger Payment App

This is a project that was done as part of a hack-o-thon organized at the Interledger Workshop at Blockchain Expo. This repo is meant as a showcase of an Android payment app, using the Interledger spec for payment.

As such, it contains both the website implementation of the Payment Request and a Payment App itself. It does not contain the ledger implementations. These are hardcoded to use https://red.ilpdemo.org and https://blue.ilpdemo.org as originating and the destination ledgers. Both are running the NodeJS ILP kit and have been implemented as an initiative to show off the Interledger spec.

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