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Ripple for dummies :)


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Please help, I am an electrician who does not understand wallets, migrating, trading, exchanging, etc. I just really need help understanding the basics because up to this point gatehub is just a scam. I'm a simple man and I base that on the fact of how easy it was for them to except close to $10,000 USD from me so I could buy XRP no I want to do a test with raw and have it deposited into my account so I know this actually works and gate hub is nowhere to be found.
A lot of articles are too technical and assume I understand what migrate means. Anyways when I sign into gate hub and click on  Wallet I several wallets disabled then I see a ripple wallet which has a balance of XRP, I see a gate a hub wallet which has a zero balance of US dollars, and I see a gate hub fifth wallet which has a zero bit coin balance. First question does this seem correct?
Second question, how do I transfer money to my US bank account? 
I read something about transferring my XRP to one of my wallets and then transferring it to my bank account .
I think you and advance and if you're in my area and need a light or a fan installed feel free to ask :)

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Guest dfault123
Just now, briand said:

I just really need help understanding the basics because up to this point gait hub is just a scam.

Gait hub could definitely be a scam, which is why I suggest you switch to Gatehub instead

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You ask broad questions...

I don't understand what you're saying to be honest. Have you already sent money to Gatehub, $10 000 USD?

It seems like you've skipped the most important part before putting your money in something: research

You must read up first on how investing works, then what cryptocurrencies are, then what Ripple/XRP is.

Then just then can you think about if it's something worth investing your money in.

If you're so new to all these different areas you need to read about each one of them and get basic knowledge of how they work.

No one will explain all the things, and if articles are too technical then you'll have to read about those technical parts you don't understand.

Lack of knowledge will only make you get lost the further you go in.


To answer you questions:

1. Only you know if it's correct. You should know your own account balance.

2. USD to your bank account? Wire transfer from Gatehub is possible. XRP to your bank account? That's not possible.

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