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GateHub Support? Still waiting on issue with Bank Deposit


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Hey All,

Glad to be part of this forum. Looking forward to doing some reading and being involved. 

I'm new to the entire cryptocurrency market and am looking to grab myself some XRP. 

I've been told gatehub is the way to do it and I have gone ahead and created, verified etc my account. 

I'm trying to deposit some USD funds into my account so I can then go ahead and buy some XRP with it - Is this the best way to get XRP? - However, when I did a transfer from my bank it got bounced back as the information provided may have been incorrect. 

I get a little confused as there are 2 sets of info - bank information and bank details and both have separate addresses etc - 1 in slovenia the other in UK. 

Bank details I need to provide for the transfer is attached - but I have no idea where exactly to put the correct details in so it doesn't bounce back again. 

I've opened a request ticket with gatehub but still waiting after a few days for a reply. I had another ticket opened up for another issue over a week ago and haven't had a reply for that one yet so I'm kinda thinking I won't get a reply soon for this one as well. 

Coming to this forum as someone may be able to help out. 


Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 11.28.40 AM.png

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Never sent to Gatehub but for Kraken it is:

Bank details = information about the bank Gatehub uses (the bank's country, SWIFT)

Beneficiary = information about the company Gatehub (country where Gatehub is registered)


Should be the same for Gatehub.

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