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changelly CUT the USD credit card payment..


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hi, I am from HONG KONG. I have studied XRP few days... and I find a way for purchase XRP that is better for me.  changelly  <<----   cos credit card is the most convenience thing for my location and have a best rate (BUT they cut it..)


I also find so many ways online. I have find purchase bitcoin in some platform such as bitstamp and bitfinex. then sell bitcoin to XRP and send that to gatehub wallet. May I know other way can purchase it? Thank you so much :sun_bespectacled:

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Back in the days when XRP was at 006 i often used Changelly to make purchases (IT WAS SO EAAASY!)

But then i started to learn, and noticed the amazing fees i was paying.
I think i lost like 50k + xrp just by using Changelly


Stay away. Put money into exchange. Buy direct with USD or BTC.

Good luck

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Hey guys, USD/EUR got back on Changelly. Exchange rates are depending on our bank cards processing partner. Unfortunately rates are rather high, but the process is quite simple and verification is very fast! We always warn you to check rates before payment. We are working on new integrations to provide better rates for you! As for BTC->XRP rates, we hope it's the best on the market for instant conversion!

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