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Can't do ANYTHING on GateHub, get NO support from support tickets


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Hi there,

I'm a verified member on GateHub but I cant do ANYTHING on the site, when I try to transfer my coins it says ''Watch only wallet'' and the gateways keep getting denied. I want to send my XRP to another wallet so I can get rid of this lousy service. I have started multiple support threads but never get an answer, it's been weeks now...

All the best,


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You have to create a Ripple Wallet which is separate from your Primary wallet, then you have to enable trust lines (Crypto and/or FIAT) so they can be exchanged/traded.

Typically Gatehub credits your wallet with 20XRP a few days after it has been activated, then 5XRP is needed for each trust line. 
Believe me, I had a hell of a time the past month to get going after performing a wire transfer, even though I verified myself (but stupidly enough never bought any XRP) last year.
Their instructions aren't all the clear for newbies, and their support team are bogged down with delays, so it can be a week before you hear back from your last support request.

Also look up their new support pages as well for some further advice.
If they verified you, then the gateways should be accessible with no issues.

I understand how upset you are at the moment. All I can suggest to do is just keep e-mailing them every day (be courteous) and ensure you keep a track record of your discussions and difficulties.  Even try to reach out to the guys here in the forum, @gregor and @enej

Even PM me a few questions and I will try to help you out.

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having the same problem overhere, have my gateways, my trustlines. every transaction giving "insufficient funds". no answer from support neither from @enej

know one thing; ripple trade worked like a charm. missed a lot of profit during recent market moves...

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PLEASE help!!! I bought some XRP and to test it and make sure it is not I scam I tried to sell some and have it deposited in my coinbase account. Apparently I created a limit order, that may or may not still be open, I have email support and no response in over a week. 

I need to know how to cancel the limit order and properly sell some XRP to have it deposited in my bank account. Please understand I am not very tech savvy but had no problem navigating Coinbase site to buy, sell, and transfer.

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