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XRP not transferred from RippleWise.com


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Has anyone here had trouble getting their XRP from RippleWise.com or another site that no longer exists. Here is what happened to me:

1. Purchased XRP through RippleWise.com

2. RippleWise.com shut down ( a while ago)

3. I was prompted to transfer my XRP to Ripple Trade, but then it prompted me to transfer it to GateHub.net (automatically)

4. The transfer was in the "Pending" state until I uploaded all my personal docs... ect to verify my ID.

5. After verifying my ID my XRP balance is zero! :( 


I've tried reaching out to Ripple.com who told me to deal with GateHub. GateHub is either taking an extremely long time to reply to my emails (hopefully) or ignoring me.

Any advice would be appreciated!


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Do you have your secret key?

By default, gatehub opens a new wallet for you, so the balance is always 0 when you first opened an account. You can manage your existing wallet on gatehub if you know your secret key.

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Gatehub recovery key only allow you to recover access to your Gatehub account, it has nothing to do with wallets.


If you want to import an old wallet you have 2 choices:

- If you still have your secret key (start with a s...) on Gatehub, "Wallet" page, click on "+" at the top of the page and then, click "import", input a random wallet name, and then your secret key.

- On Gatehub website, "Wallet" page, click on "+" at the top of the page and then select "Rippletrade". If it doesn't work you probably didn't save the correct info or it wasn't a Rippletrade wallet.

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