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Market Conditions - June 5th, 2017 6.00 PM EDT

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Thanks for the analysis, R8  It is truly appreciated.  But messages on this board sort of remind me of Precious Metals investors.  People trying to stay positive in the face of relentless dumping.  A lot of "when the price goes down that's actually a good thing" going on here.  Obviously the price has really only been falling in relation to BTC, but If you'd be better off in BTC than XRP what's the point.  It has to go to .75 just to get back in BTC to where it was when it was at .40, and it has to go to .40 to get back to where it was last week (in BTC).   For the last three weeks this has been the slowest horse in the race.  In crypto world a slowly rising $ price = crashing price when other crap coins are flying - up .01 = down 20%.  Cheers and good luck to all.   Relative strength and frustration are increasing.

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