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Market Conditions - June 5th, 2017 6.00 PM EDT

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Great post again R8, I already made an additional deposit, as soon as that one is booked I'll increase my XRP with another 20%.

Let's hope soon we awake in Europe after an Nice asian pump :)

Keep doing your good work and good luck with your XRP (then we are lucky to).

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14 minutes ago, pompous-p said:

Hmmm. Very interesting R8.

How do you discern increasing strength of an asset? 

I often use a modification of 'Relative Strength Index - RSI'

the basic equation that is very wellknown is the following:

RSI = 100 - 100 / (1 + RS) and RS is ratio between buying during down-trends and selling during up-trends.I use my own default time frames based on a "market perception cycle" i follow and use for the larger markov models. 

So in this case, they are very short @ average of 7 day moving, and 24 days moving , and then mean of them both. 

once this is done, you can increase accuracy greatly by also doing exact same thing for "micro-slopes" cause by EMA changes during downtrend and uptrend. 

In short, we keenly analyse support during "down trend" and lack of support during "up-trend" - Ying & Yang in a way :-) . and then sample this for cycles that form along the sinusoid. and finally do the same for slope. A resulting continuously lowering value indicated "Asset Strength". While people largely use RSI for overbought/oversold measurement, however i like to use them for "strength" changes. 

The key thing about RSI, worthy of remembering and is the heart of this indicators value is the following:

"The RSI provides a relative evaluation of the strength of a security's recent price performance, thus making it a momentum indicator."

But again we go this far, and all this works "under current market conditions".  Some bad news, good news or other market moving events change everything :-).. i know a bit long answer, but i wanted to provide you accurate details.

hope that helps. 

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3 minutes ago, Jun said:

Very interesting R8!

the next few days could be interesting

question if P2 happens this week and it rockets to 73+ do you see it getting dumped that it falls to ~30¢ again?

With my tools i will not be able to answer this, until we see the "way" in which it shoots to 73 cents (If it does). the derived probabilities loose weight and get too complicated. The patterns it creates while going up gives us many hints so that we can diagnose downtrend and correction with some accuracy.

hope this helps,

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