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Kraken Account Disabled


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I am having a rough morning...

I have a decent chunk of change on Kraken.

I was trying to send some ETH over to a friend and Kraken emailed me to confirm that it actually was I who had initiated the withdrawal.

In the email, they had 2 links... One to confirm that I initiated the withdrawal. The other to report that I had not initiated this withdrawal and to have my account temporarily disabled. 

This being in the morning, I had caffeine running through my veins and was in a bit of a rush.


Guess which link I *accidentally* clicked...




I am hoping someone on here has some sort of connect in Kraken and can help me have my account enabled as soon as possible. I have already contacted Kraken support but have yet to receive a response. 

Or at the very least, let's all laugh at my foolishness. 

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Kraken is currently having problems to handle all the (new) users. Don't expect a reply back anytime soon. I initiated a Tier 2-3 verificiation about a week ago (it states it takes up to 48h), opened a support ticket , yet there is no response on either one.

However, how unfortunate this might be, I am pretty sure that they can solve this problem. As you stated, temporarily disabled. It's just going to take a while before they are solving this for you...


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Opened ticket for tier 3, 23 days later still no reply lol, but thank good that u can trade unlimited crypto, cash out through other exhange then [emoji38]

Oh god. I have too much $$ ties up in kraken. I hope they release my account soon . . .
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