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Market Conditions - June 4th, 2017 7.10 AM EDT

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@R8102V1D2D  I was hoping to read another post this morning from our resident technical analyst!  Thank you for posting. 

32 minutes ago, R8102V1D2D said:

>> There is a 70% probability that XRP will complete forming a strong base at  29/30 cents range to the next leg up towards the 38 cents region. 

I think you're off though - I believe it's 100%.  Of course, I always believe it's 100%!

7 minutes ago, CryptMagic said:

"EXTRA HARDCORE BANANA WAVE" (imagine a very deep & loud voice from above) 

I'm hearing it now @CryptMagic!

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1 hour ago, R8102V1D2D said:

the general equation for a damped sine wave is given by equal weights of cosine and sine components. However as the Instantaneous Amplitude is not same on above and below ( increasing strength ) - hence we will have to reverse the generalized equation payment13.png.ca380e6351bdfa948f4ed4e6ab387f63.pnginto its constituent parts as follows:

y(t)=A. e-(super)λt. [cos(ω.t+Φ )+sin(ω.t+Φ )]

and then further say t= t1+t2 , t1 = instantaneous positive amplitude (upper part - larger) & t2= instantaneous negative amplitude (lower part - smaller).

So you end up getting a equation with dual damping factor w.r.t t1 and t2 and equation can be changed as : 

y(t)=A. e-(super)λt. [cos(ω2.t2+Φ )+sin(ω1.t1+Φ )]



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I see strong support and .27 and strong resistance at .31 ( this is a critical zone now because of the time we are spending here) 

XRP has to spend a  lot of days above .31 to get to .34 as a target and then stay above that for a while to meet the last resistance at .39 

If it breaks .39 we should see close to .5 within hours. JUST MY 2 XRPs. 


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