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How long to millionaire status with 100k XRP?

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4 hours ago, stevo7790 said:

Learn from the past, participate in the future :) I do honestly believe in a few years from now we will be having the same conversation but some of us will be very wealthy :D

How many XRP do you need to become ( subjectively ) wealthy? 

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I really love to read blast from the past. It's like read a history book. So, I will left a trace here. When I write this post, the XRP valued @ 0.476 Let see 1 year from now. My bet is XRP will reach $1 at the end of 2018. $1,500 at the end of 2019 If Ripple succeed to replace SWIFT.

Lol ,??

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On 12/10/2015 at 4:53 PM, StarOrbiter said:

On a purely hypothetical and speculative level, when could a person who now holds 100k XRP hope to be a millionaire on that investment alone? 1 year? 10 years? 50 years? Within 10 minutes of this post?

And explain why you think it will take your speculated time frame to reach that valuation...

Hopefully this will be a fun, conjecture based post and subsequent replies...

Right around the same time it hits $10...

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