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GateHub really is letting me down.


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Don't mean for this to be crap post, but I'm in need of some sort of direction.

after transferring from Bitstamp to gatehub, I quickly realized that my wallet was "watch only," and I could not do anything with my funds. I have tried contacting support and reaching out @enejhere on the forums. This issue of mine has yet to be acknowledged by their support team, nor fixed.  

Now it seems that I cannot even login to my account anymore because I have the "Wrong Verification Code, or "There was a Network Error."" I was logging in just fine yesterday, so I am not sure what had happened there. If anybody can point me in some sort of direction here, that would be fantastic. I have a fair amount of ripple, and would like to be able to access it. If someone from support is reading this, my wallet address is: rBbZXFvUJzbMNirnz1HsHT7hnW1bgzw1Pw However, I have not been able to access my account, so it might have changed? (I guess I'm not sure.)

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