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Can somebody please shake out my Bitcoin?!?


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moreplease.jpg.1f395f31673169a6fa1ed5915948f002.jpg  "More Bitcoin, please sir?"

Very strange situation here.  About 2 days ago, I sent 4 separate Bitcoin deposit to 4 different Bitcoin accounts at Gatehub.  I first noticed that the deposits were coming in out of sequence; ie.  the third deposit came in before the first and second deposits, then the second deposit came in before the first, the fourth deposit comes in next, and the first deposit hasn't come back at all.  I've since sent 5 more transactions in a similar rotating fashion--all of which have come back before the initial deposit from 2 days ago.  That is to say--some of the deposits have gone smoothly while this one has been held up.  I check the blockchain explorer and the transaction has been confirmed so many times that the number of confirmations no longer appears.  I imagine that means the transaction has cleared the network, but the transfer from what I assume is Gatehub/Gatehub 5th's "general receiving wallet" has not shown up in my "dashboard".  These delays have surfaced before, but have seemed to affect all 4 accounts.  On what seemed to be relatively quiet day, this one payment has been singled out.  It's not missing--please, can somebody shake out my little Bitcoins.  Trading has been going wonderfully despite the glitches.  I am trying to be patient, but it has been 2 days.  Please help!! 

Ticket ID:  #23685

Transaction hash:  3de9d324c63a3d4b21acc49c3afd095894316e57b9249ca741344407bd67725e

This has been directed to Mr. Matija Mazi who is normally very responsive, however, according to the ticket,  the matter hasn't been visited in 24hrs.  The poor guy must need some help.

To the Gatehub/Gatehub 5th CEO's and staff  @enej@gregor:  I believe in you guys, and I'm going to hang in there, but please, please, please shake out my Bitcoin, and buy Matija a beer!! 

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4 days since the attempt to deposit...

3 days since the initial support ticket...(support guys asked for patience, I gave it a day)

1 day since I opened this topic on the forum...

500+ confirmations of the transaction (so by that, I know Gatehub has the funds and cannot blame the Bitcoin network as they do when these problems creep up)

11 successful deposits made after this unsuccessful one...

0 Bitcoin deposited to my account

0 human response

....I'm trying to keep it light here fellas, but there's a part of me that has already fallen on the ground and started turning green

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