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Ripple (XRP) Merchants Directory


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My business, www.chainstoreleads.com, accepts XRP. I don't use coinpayments though, I use a wordpress plugin instead that locks the price of ripple for 10 minutes.
We sell real estate leads for businesses looking to rent out their vacant retail space to national chain stores.

Can you share the plugin?
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22 hours ago, Bitpam said:

Anyone know how a shopify merchant could accept XRP? We just made some new physical XRP coins and think it'd be cool to accept XRP! :)

I looked into it and basically it would have to be through a third party payment gateway. Some already offer BTC such as Braintree, but I can't find any that offer XRP

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On 6/1/2017 at 10:15 AM, OffGrid said:

All the businesses below accept XRP for payment, using the Coinpayments.net payment processor (which also accepts 64 other currencies)

Feel free to add your own business.

Dining & Groceries

CryptoMercado - Organic Coffee, Snacks & Beverages

DrApis Honey - Raw Honey from Portugal

PexPeppers - Hot Sauces and more!


Cryptos Dice

GameServers Today

Health & Beauty

ThaiBam - Coffee, Tea, Olis and Balms from THailand!

HempUSA - Hemp products

Hosting & VPNs

CoinHost - Domains, Hosting, Cloud VPS

Earth VPN - Anonymous, hosted in Japan

TorGuard VPN - Anonymous VPN & Anonymous Email


ICPH - InstantCPanelHosting

Boleh VPN


The Bitcoin Store - store.bitcoin.com - Buy Bitcoin hardware wallets and stuff...

Crypto Jeweler - Gold, Silver, Diamond Jewelry

Online Services

BitFax - Best Online Fax Service

SEO / Marketing

Upvotes Club - Reddit upvotes and more!

Fauceting - Create your own faucet - Advertise your website by sponsoring faucets

Social Trades - A social media management service

The Marketing Heaven


Venus Vaporizer

VapoShop - Europe's Premier Online Vaporizer Shop

Vapour Depot - Best Vape Shop UK

Clove Cigarettes US - Over 50 clove cigarettes brands

Azarius - Alternative Smoking Herbs from Amsterdam

RChemLabs - Etizolam Pellets





Spoke to a dealership that is also willing to accept payments but has not advertised it. www.AlmostNewCar.Com  so if someone is in the market for a newer car I would check this place out. 

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