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Tokyo Meetup - When XRP is 10 dollars

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I'm in. Don't forget I'm hosting a $2 party beforehand in Europe

At this point we are starting a world tour. Might as well buy a yacht and just circumvent the globe making port of calls for meetups

There are a number of reasons why Japan is our good friend in this XRP adventure. When Chris Larsen spoke at his Berkeley talk, he said that Japan is primed to be the biggest user of interledger

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9 hours ago, Kylo Ren said:

P.S. It would be helpful in the coming months to have someone here fluent in English and Japanese who can translate the many articles and Twitter posts about XRP in Japanese.

I already did a few including: 

    AWS Summit: Keynote speaker mentions Ripple

    The Next Generation of Cross Border Payments - Ryan Zagone to Central Bank members

For the latter, I found the Google translation more precise than I imagined.

As Japan is at the forefront of using the Ripple Connect in real business, I see it useful to share important news in English in a timely manner. At the same time, it is strongly encouraged that messages are sent out in both languages in the beginning.  

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