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How trustworthy is Rippex?


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24 minutes ago, jumperabv3 said:

I am using their wallet to store my XRP, I am using the offline version so I have the wallet file as well.

I'm just wondering if you guys feel Rippex is a trustworthy source for storing XRP or would you go for a different one?


It's managed by an old Ripple community member (@RafOlP). IMO it's trustworthy.

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Hello guys, I think it is important that we have some things clear.

  • Rippex is a 3 years old gateway that has been storing user's money flawlessly and is trusted by its users
  • We are all high profile professionals with serious backgrounds in different areas
  • Rippex's gateway model works with any wallet since we link bank and digital currencies accounts to ripple accounts
  • The wallet we made available was developed by the ripple team when they were not forbidden of doing wallets - we made it in our own repo (a fork) so there would be no confusion about ripple getting involved with wallet applciations
  • Rippex solved one important bug with sendMax, added the chart in th trading tab and made it available for the community - the code base is pratically unchanged
  • Rippex made the wallet available because otherwise there would be no way for non technical users to store their keys offline or locally on their computers
  • Rippex is not committed to developing or maintaining this wallet specifically - it was created as a community project
  • Rippex was working on the translation of the wallet but realized that it would be wiser to start a new project - the work done on our translation page will be used in a new wallet application
  • I have been using this wallet for years with only minor issues, online and offline

Yes we have a team working here on our projects :)

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